wilson06-14District No. 4, Township 19, Range 9

Board of School Directors
Claud Theivagt, President     Jeff Wilson, Clerk     Smith Workman

Miss Stella Kern is teaching the Wilson School during 194-1915. Among others who have taught here are: Sallie Craven Wilson, Minnie Treadway, Amy Logue, Floy Crawford, Emma McDonald, George W. Blair, Laura Brown, Rachel Amelia Miles and Marguerite Crawford.

As far as it can be learned the present building was erected in 1862. It has been kept in excellent repair; thanks to the vigilant care of the directors.

The work done by the children of this school always measures up to the best found in the country schools.

The district is about two miles east of Chandlerville and the community spirit here is very good. The entertainments given by the pupils at different times have proven exceptionally good.