West Point

westpoint06-14District No. 44, Township 17, Range 12

Board of School Directors
Fred Winkelman, President     Robt. Talkemeyer, Clerk     Ed. Dahlman

The location of this school is about three miles northwest of Arenzville and is at the edge of a large forest. The present building was erected in 1864 and has been kept in good repair.

Misses Marie Schweer, Frances Pond, Alma Niestradt, Caroline Schnitker, Emma Wilker, Adelaide Fischer, Emma Hagener, Pearl Shaw, Ruth Kennedy, Ethel Pfiel, have taught at this school.

Mr. A. E. Hinners, County Supt. of Schools, 1898-1906, taught here in 1892-1893.

Miss Anna E. Blemler of Beardstown will “wield the birch” here during 1914-1915.

Mr. Wm.Niestradt was the clerk of this board for many years and did much to establish good school conditions here.

Note: West Point School, which was being used for storage by Oral Hobrock at the time, burned to the ground in November of 1970.