Walnut Grove

walnutgrove06-14District No. 52, Township 17, Range 9

Board of School Directors
A. Liter, President     Howard Jokisch, Clerk     Arthur Reynolds

This school is located about two and one-half miles southwest of Philadelphia and was erected about forty years ago.

The old school house burned where this one now stands and at that time (as well as can be traced) W. L. Black, George Beard and George Virgin were the directors.
The school derives its name (Walnut Grove) from the abundance of walnut trees that once grew in this vicinity, but which are now all cleared away and the land converted into pasture and corn lands.

Several patrons of the neighborhood obtained their schooling here and outside of the “wear and tear” of the ordinary school there seems to be no items of historical importance connected with the school.

Among those who have taught in this school we find the following: Frank Reynolds, Mrs. C. J. Chittick, Mary Killam, Martha McDonald, Eva Ater, Nellie Springer, Jessie Beadles, Mabel Hiett, Quinque Thompson and Ida Black.

Mr. B. O. Springer is teaching his fifth consecutive term and enjoys the distinction of receiving the highest wages paid to any teacher in the rural schools.