Sugar Grove

sugargrove06-14(A Standard School)
District No. 30, Township 17, Range 9

Board of School Directors
J. E. DeFraties, President     James F. Newell, Clerk     Harry Dodds

The Sugar Grove School is located three and one-half miles east of Virginia and is classed as one of the modern up-to-date schools.

It is situated in a very pretty grove and has all the equipment needed for a standard school

The school has a reputation for having a large number of graduates of the eighth grade. It seems to be in the Sugar Grove air that every pupil who enters this school must go until he completes the school work. In this respect it is among the best in the county.

This year ten of the graduates were in the Virginia High School, and, as usual took high rank among the members of their classes.

Those who have taught here are: Misses Nelle Springer, Nelle Yaple, Ella Conyers, Florence Fox, Ida F. Black. Messr. R. H. Drinkwater, C. R. Wilson, B. O. Springer.

During 1914-1915 Miss Mabel K. Ross, who enjoys an enviable reputation as a teacher, will preside over the school destinies of the pupils of this school.

The school district is one of the oldest in the county and there are few schools older than the Sugar Grove School.