springer06-14District No. 47, Township 17, Range 11

Board of School Directors
Henry Funk, President     Alex Huffman, Clerk     William Roegge

A splendid community. The school-house site is about seven miles from Virginia and six miles from Arenzville.

The first session of school in this district was held in 1859 in an old school house which stood in the southeast corner of the farm of Job Springer on the old Beardstown and Jacksonville stage coach route. This land on which the school house stood was donated to the district by Mr. Springer so long as it was used for school purposes.

The second school house burned during the winter of 1887 and a new building, the present one, was erected the following month on ground donated by Isaiah Huffman, and is one-half mile north and one-half mile west of the old building site.

The following have taught this school: Misses Doris Wilson, Margaret Irvine, Helen Martin, Eda Feldner, Olive Fielder, Lora Zook; Messrs. George Clarke, Lewis Kirchner, W. E. Buck, Harry Lightfoot. Miss Mabel K. Ross closed her second consecutive term here in May, 1914.

Franklin Beard will teach the  “young to shoot” during the months of 1914-1915.