Science Hill

sciencehill06-14District No. 23, Township 18, Route 9

Board of School Directors
R. O. Irvine, President     J. I. Chilton, Clerk     Henry Jurgens

This school is located about six and one-half miles southeast of Chandlerville. Twelve boys and six girls were enrolled this year.

The following are teachers who have taught at this school: Misses Carrie Case, Gertrude Ray, Olive Fielder, Belle Smith, Amelia Miles, Della Dearing, Margaret Irvine, Ida F. Black, T. O. Fox, Mauve Alcorn, Mame Wyatt, Kate Dace and Elsie Treadway.

Mr. I. O Fox, who taught here some years ago will return to his “first love” and again will wield the birch here this coming year.