Schmitt Memorial Hospital


The heirs of Dr. Frederick Ehrhardt donated the four acres upon which Schmitt Memorial Hospital once stood, knowing that their generosity would have greatly pleased their ancestor and benefit many people.

The building, which cost $100,000, was funded by George J. Schmitt in memory of his parents, pioneer Beardstown residents, George and Mary Schmitt. He died a couple of months before the hospital was completed.

Schmitt Memorial Hospital was dedicated on September 30, 1931. Dr. Ehrhardt was memorialized on October 9, 1938, with a marker on the front terrace of the hospital. The memorial consisted of a large boulder with a bronze plaque bearing the words: “This site was donated to Beardstown for a hospital in memory of Dr. Frederick Ehrhardt by his heirs.” (A marker of the same type, memorializing the 1936 Beardstown High School Band, is located on the north side of Beardstown’s city park.)

Congressman William H. Dieterich, of Beardstown, delivered an address at the dedication of the hospital. He also spoke at the Ehrhardt marker ceremony. By that time Dieterich had been elected a U. S. Senator.