Red Oak

redoak06-14District No. 10, Township 18, Range 11

Board of School Directors
John Doerr, President     John W. Elam, Clerk     Chas. W. Blum

Red Oak school district was organized in 1892 and has just completed its twenty-first year.

The building is situated near the corner of the district, in the southwest corner of what is known as the Chas. Calif farm.

Two of the present board of directors went to school here and have worked in hearty cooperation with the teacher to make the school a Standard School.

The school is up to date in every respect and the parents are deeply interested in the advancement of the school.

The first teacher was Miss Carrie Doerr. Others who have taught here are: Misses Kate Nix, Mame Wyatt, Ella Doerr, Ethel McNeil, Edith Mains, Henrietta Phillipi, Kate Treadway, Christine Keemle, Minnie Treadway, Eva Dickens, Hazel Keemle and Adah Looker. Messrs. George Carls, R. D. Wildt, Lewis Anderson and Oliver Emerich. Miss Glenna Leonhard taught the past winter here.

Miss Charlotte Suffern will teach her first term here the coming school year.

* * * * *

The original Red Oak School building, pictured above, burned to the ground on the morning of March 4, 1936. The school was constructed In 1892, with residents of the district donating the lumber.  A new building was in use by the next school year.

1950s aerial view.