pontiac06-14District No. 3, Township 18, Range 9

Board of School Directors
J. W. Branian, President     C. J. Sprinkle, Clerk     Alozo Gerdis

This school is located about seven miles east of Chandlerville in Richmond Precinct. The present building was erected about 1871 and the first board of directors consised of W. D. Lucas, J. R. Griffin and Forker Gerdes.

Elections held at this school and many stirring events along political lines have taken place here. The older residents will tell you that some of the greatest political debates since time began were in this school.

The record shows that Charles H. Leffigwell was the first teacher and that the other teachers have been John F. Robinson, afterward County Clerk and County Judge. Chas. A. Schaeffer, Ex-County Supt. of Schools, Ex-State’s Atty. A. T. Lucas, present State’s Atty. Edward Logan, Stella Logan, Sallie Craven Wilson, Luna Craven, John Stout, Lula Altic, Margaret Crawford, Emma Dyson, Lizzie Milstead, Samuel Wing, Charles Harbison, R. H. Henderson, Lee Watkins, Lee Blair, Cora Mae Arthalony, John Lockwood, Josephine Craven and Lewis Anderson. Otis Lewis is teaching his first term here during 1914-1915.

W. D. Lucas of Bath can relate many interesting and historical stories about what happened at Pontiac School. His four boys, A. T., Douglas, Wiley and Scot began their school work at this place.

Charles Skaggs of Pekin, a member of the State Board of Equalization and Mrs. Ora Shankland, wife of the editor of the Chandlerville Times, have wielded the birch at this school.

The school spirit is excellent and a great many of the boys and girls finish the Central Examination work.


Pontiac Cemetery & School – 1950s