Pleasant Ridge

pleasantridge06-14District No. 24, Township 18, Range 9

Board of School Directors
Edward Dearing, President     J. A. Watkins, Clerk     W. H. Satorius

This is one of the largest school buildings in the county and is situated in the northeast corner of a grove of large trees. This grove belongs to the district and contains eight and one quarter acres.

The building has been kept in excellent repair. Many square feet of concrete walks lead to the various buildings. A modern furnace keeps the interior warm and the air pure.

A new Standard School Diploma will adorn the walls just as soon as a few new seats are added.

Many of the former pupils are still residents of the district and their interest in Pleasant Ridge School is even as great as in their youthful days.

Several of Cass County’s oldest and most prominent teachers have here reigned, and left behind them, true friends, faithful hearts and enviable records.

The oldest resident of the district is Thomas Watkins, and he has always had a keen interest in the welfare of this school.

Miss Mary Stiltz will preside at the teacher’s desk in 1914-1915, taking the place occupied by Miss Lora Zook during 1913-1914.