Pleasant Hill

pleasanthill06-14District No. 34, Township 17, Range 10

Board of School Directors
P. L. Davis, President     B. B. Hughes, Clerk     R. L. Treadway

This is one of the oldest buildings in the county and the district is sorely in need of a new modern up-to-date building.

It is located two miles southwest of VIrgina.

The district was organized in 1858 when W. T. Treadway deeded one acre of land for a building site.

A school house was erected and named “Pleasant Hill,” getting its name from the fact that it is built on a hill.

This is the building they are using today. It is entirely too small to accommodate all the pupils.

The proposition to erect a new building was defeated at an election held for that purpose held in May, 1914.

The first three directors were: W. E. Farrel, W. T. Treadway and Henry Quigg. The first teacher was a Mr. Pratt.

Among those who have taught here are Margaret Crawford, Marguerite Irvine, Rea L. Black, Jean Reid, Maude Horrom, Edit Coleman, Olive Fielder.

Miss Doris WIlson will teach during 1914-1915 for her third term.