philadelphia06-14District No. 53, Township 17, Range 9
(A Standard School)

Board of School Directors
Len G. Wright, President     W. G .Watkins, Clerk     Benj. Shortridge

Philadelphia school house was built in 1901 and is located on land that was set aside as a public park, when the little town of Philadelphia was laid out.

The site is indeed a beautiful one, being well shaded with large maple trees and the yard is well sodded with grass.

The building is an up-to-date one, being well lighted, having two cloak rooms, vestibule and seating capacity sufficient to accommodate forty-six pupils.

Miss Anna Smith taught the first term in this building. During 1912-1913 a new furnace was placed in the basement, and a number of new seats for small children were purchased and the entire number rearranged, making this one of Cass County’s standard schools.

Up to 1901 the school house for this district was one-half mile east of the town but in that year the district was divided, a new district formed – District No. 54 – and the school building was moved one and one half miles further east and is now the Washington School.

We find that the following teachers have held sway at this school: namely, Anna M. Smith, 1901-2-3-4; Nelia Widmayer, 1904-5; W. K. Simmons, 1905-6; B. O. Springer, 1907-8; Martha McDonald, 1908-9; Miss Lena E. Cline taught the five years from 1909 to 1914 and has the reputation of having one of the best schools in the county.

Miss Mary Long will be the teacher during 1914-1915.