Panther Grove

panthergrove06-14District No. 29, Township 17, Range 9

Board of School Directors
Robert Louden, President     Wm. Gilbert, Clerk     George Edwards

The Panther Grove School is about six miles east of Virginia. The old school house stood within a quarter mile of Wm. Patillo’s house. It received its name from the grove which surrounded it at the time.

In 1892 the present school house was built. It is located in an excellent neighborhood, about two and one-half miles northeast of Philadelphia, and about one mile east of where the old school house stood.

Miss Ellen McDonald was the first teacher in the new building and the enrollment was about 35 pupils. At present the enrollment consists of eight boys and five girls.

The Clerk of the Board, Mr. William Gilbert has held the position as director for about forty-five years and is present at every board meeting and has a keen interest in the affairs of the district. He is very prompt in making all of his reports and is always looking after the interest of the school children.

Misses Jean Reid, Edith Waring, Alice Flynn, Eva Ater, Florence Fox, Rena Schackel, Hazel Ross; Messrs. R. A. Henderson, Fred M. Smith, Roy Jorden, Wm. West, R. C. Crane and Lewis Anderson are among the teachers who have taught here.

During 1914-1915 the teacher will be Miss Florence Plummer, who taught a successful year here last year.

LATER: – Miss Plummer resigned her school Nov. 28, and became the bride of Lee Devlin of Philadelphia. Miss Rea Black has been employed to teach the remainder of the term.