oregon06-14District No. 25, Township 18, Range 9

Board of School Directors
L. B. Thompson, President     C. H. Arthalony, Clerk     Theron Alcorn

The record show that the school has been much larger than it is at present. Many of the older families have moved from the district and their places have been taken by renters and young people with small families.

The school is very pleasantly situated on a grassy lawn adjoining the Oregon Church. It should be a social center and would be were there enough people in the community to keep up the chapel services.

The people of the community are intelligent, progressive men and women who are interested in education and desirous of having a good school in their midst. They are willing to do whatever is in their power to bring the school up to the required standards, both in matter of equipment and instruction.

Oregon has always been considered one of the most desirable schools in the county and still retains its well-deserved reputation.

Misses Gertrude Foraker, Mauve Alcorn, Nora Smedley, Lida Smedley, Florence Black, Pearl Garner, Elsie Rethorn, Bertha Anderson, Minnie Treadway, Ethel Wyatt, Sara Rethorn and Lucy J. Ritscher have taught at this place.

Miss Sara Rethorn will be the teacher during 1914-1915.