Oak Dale

oak-dale06-14District No. 75, Township 18, Range 10

Board of School Directors
F. M. Colston, President     G. W. Armstrong, Clerk     A. J. Nollsch

Oak Dale enjoys the distinction of being the first school in Cass County to be declared a Standard School.

It is in an ideal location, six miles north of Virginia and three miles south of Chandlerville on the Virginia-Chandlerville Road.

The district was organized in spring of 1911, and the school house was completed in time for the opening of school in September with Miss Alma Ross as the first teacher.

The granting of the petition for this district was procured only after many years of petitioning. The children of this neighborhood had been going many miles to several other schools in order to obtain their education. The oldest residents of the district today tell us that as far back as fifty years ago several attempts were made to locate a school in this vicinity and that even then no one questioned the justness of their cause, but the only objections were that the taxes would be raised. True, the taxes have been raised, but the people of the district would not part with their school for many times over what it cost in dollars and cents.

Visit this school any time it is in session and you will find one of the most up-to-date country schools in Illinois. A school any community could not help but feel proud of is this school on the hill.

As Mr. T. C. Nollsch gave the land for this school site, the directors decided that his wife should have the honor of naming the school. Mrs. T. C. Nollsch gave it the very appropriate name of Oak Dale.

Miss Rena Shackel was the teacher during 1912-13 and 1913-14.

Miss Nadine Reeves will preside over the school in 1914-1915.