newmansville06-14 District No. 60, Township 18, Range 8

Board of School Directors
Lewis Collins, President     Leslie Stowell, Clerk     Chas. Gooden

This school house was erected about the year 1870. Andy Struble was one of the directors at that time.

The teacher of this school writes us that “the school cannot boast of great and noted men, but has turned out many honest, industrious citizens.”

The central location of this school furnishes one of the many reasons why this school should be brought up to the highest standard and should furnish the boys and girls of the surrounding community all of the school work, not only through the eighth grade, but through the high school work.

The interior of the building has been improved a great deal the past year.

Among those who have taught are Miss Millard, Claud Johnson, Margaret Skaggs, Travis Scott, Mattie Milstead, Pearl Gardner, Wm.Wright, Robert Wright, Nell Springer, Stella Curran, Birdie Conyers. Miss Margaret Campbell has been selected as the teacher for 1914-1915.

Pupils of Newmansville School