Mt. Pleasant (Anderson)

mtpleasant06-14District No. 21, Township 18, Range 9

Board of School Directors
G. W. Armstrong, President     T. L. Barber, Clerk     G. S. Needham

Mt. Pleasant School, known best as the Anderson school, is located on the C. P. & St. L. Railroad, 4 miles north of Virginia.

It is a commanding building, located in a fine grove of trees.

The enrollment varies greatly, some years being as high as fifty and again as low as thirty pupils.

A number of necessary changes and improvements in the interior are contemplated, when the school will be among the Standard Schools.

The library is a very good one and additional books are being purchased yearly.

The teachers in the past include Frances Long, Nelia Widmayer, Jean Reid, Henry Jacobs, Minnie Chittick, Frank Craven, Emma McDonald, Kate Constans, Arthur Lintner, Alice Pilcher, Maude Horrom, Mabel K. Ross, Nellie Irvine and Lewis Kirchner.

In 1913-1914 Miss Kennethina Nollsch taught the school and she will return the coming year.

Joseph Needham and N. B. King served as directors for a number of years.