lynn06-14District No. 1, Township 19, Range 8

Board of School Directors
J. C. Lynn, President     Ira A. Smith, Clerk     John C. Schaad

The pioneer school-house of District No. 1, a log building, was situated a quarter of a mile northwest of the present site, where a town to be called Elizabethtown was laid out but never built up.

The second building was located about two hundred yards south of the residence of J. C. Lynn. This was moved where the present building now stands and was used until 1892, when the primary room of the present building was erected, and accommodated all the pupils. E. C. Trowbridge was the contractor and Will Greenwood, I. N. Smith and C. Gabhards were the directors.

The number of pupils increased and another room was built in 1908 for the advanced pupils.

The school is well equipped, having more than the requirements for a Standard School and was granted a diploma in 1912. It is steam heated. The present intention is to make it a Standard Graded school.

Miss Alma Niestradt has been employed to teach her second year in the Advanced Room and Miss Alma Eichenauer will teach her second year in the Primary Department. Both have met with excellent success and the salary of each is $65.