Live Springs

livesprings06-14District No. 7, Township 18, Range 10

Board of School Directors
Henry Fielden, President     A. L. Johnson, Clerk     Henry Dillow

This school occupies a commanding position on a high bluff overlooking the Sangamon River. It is two and one-half miles southwest of Chandlerville.

At one time this school had a very large attendance; the enrollment was nearly eighty pupils twenty-eight years ago when Miss Mattie McDonald, now Mrs. Henry Fielden, taught the school.

The building is a very old one, but has always been kept in excellent condition.

Many of the oldest residents of the districts learned to count and recite their A B C’s at this school.

A few years ago there was a division of the district and although at times it seems that the wheel has broken, the patrons are wide awake and have a great determination to keep having a first class school.

Misses Amelia Miles, Laura Lindsley, Eva Ater, Floy Crawford, Nelle Chandler, Cora Davis, Amy Logue, Sallie Wilson and Messrs. Joe Haywood, W. W. Mullen, Charley Dillow and Arthur Lintner have taught here at different times.

Miss Beulah Harbison taught the past two years here.

Miss Geneva Hierman will teach this school in 1914-1915.