District No. 12, Township 18, Range 11

Board of School Directors

Wm. B. Harris, President     J. W. Blohm, Clerk     Earnest Tuecke

The Limbo school house was erected in 1857 and is one of the two buildings in District No. 12.

The building is a fairly good one, and under the able administration of Miss Velda Kendall, who during 1914-1915 will teach her second term,  it has put on new appearances and they have an excellent school.

We find that the following teachers have taught in the Limbo School: Mary Rose Hunt, Eva L. Hager, Rose Mae Beck, Lewis Anderson, Augusta Lange, Mabel Plummer, Flora B. Doyle, Mrs. John Hersberger, Clara M. Way, Oren Gould, Minnie Kennedy, Grace Nix.

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Photo courtesy of Craig Vette.

This photo of Limbo School students was taken on March 24, 1908. In the front row on the right is  Alma Huppe, who later became Mrs. Herman Vette. The teacher is Eva Hager.

Limbo School Building, 2012 – courtesy Craig Vette.

Limbo update, August, 2018 –

The building that housed Limbo School must have burned some time ago, as charred trees and a growth of green grass can be seen in the area where it once stood.
The above photos and information are courtesy of Mr. Craig Vette.