krohe06-14District No. 37, Township 17, Range 11

Board of School Directors
G. L. Gerard, President     A. G. Korte, Clerk     Henry Hendricker

This school is located about three miles south of Bluff Springs and was built in 1892. Miss Elizabeth Long was the first teacher.

It derived its name from the fact that it is located on a portion of the Henry Krohe farm.

The early struggles for the formation of this school district were very bitter and the district was formed only after much strife and litigation. A large portion of the district was taken from the Buck District.

A large portion of the people were not satisfied with the Buck School for various reasons, the principal reason being that it was not located in the central part of the district and when the Buck School burned in 1891, the proposition to locate it farther north was defeated at an election.

In a contest for the formation of the new Krohe District an appeal was taken to the County Superintendent, who granted the petition for a new district.

Those who have taught here are: Misses Carrie Doerr, Frances Long, Mabel Rew, Henrietta Phillipi, Anna Nordsick, Clara Hinners, Helen Ring, Bertha Jockisch, Meda Lee and Mr. Otto Kruse.

In 1913-1914 Miss Julia Meyer was the teacher and she will return in 1914-1915.

The Krohe School is one of the neatest kept schools in the county and the patrons are deservedly proud of their school.