island06-14District No. 42, Township 17, Range 13

Board of School Directors
Wm. Dickman, President     Charles Holler, Clerk     John Raisor

This school is on an island between the Illinois River and Meredosia Lake, about one mile below the LaGrange Locks in the Illinois River. Although off by itself and apart from other schools the people of the district have a fairly good school at this place.

It is the most difficult school in the county to reach. When Indian Creek is low you can reach it by wagon road through the timber at the upper end of the lake.

One year County Supt. Henry Jacobs, in order to visit the school drove to the elevator west of Lydia and was rowed two miles across the lake, through the timber, within a hundred feet of the door. The next year he drove over the same course over 18 inches of ice.

The teacher often has difficulty in securing a boarding place. One year the teacher boarded across the river in Brown County.

Miss Rohn, Theresa Greenemeyer, Effie Bennett, Florence Wonder, Grace Wright, Hattie May Norris, Minnie Schaefer, Belle Turner and George Clarke have taught here.

Mr. George Cole is teaching during 1914-1915.

The Island School burned on the morning of November 19, 1914.