harmony06-14District No. 55, Township 17, Range 9

Board of School Directors
Chas. Gustafson, President     H. B. Baxter, Clerk,     G. F. Jockisch

This is one of the oldest districts in the county and the school was erected in the year free schools were organized in the State of Illinois.

The location has been changed twice since 1878, and in that year a new school was built. Later the present building was moved to its present location.

The district is about five miles west of Ashland and is one of the richest in the county. The present clerk, H. B. Baxter, has served for over thirty years as a member of the school board.

The school registers show the following teachers: Ada Reese, 1881-2; Ruth Sinclair, 1882-3; Lou Flin, 1884-5; Ida Walker, 1885-6, C. L. Fry, 1886-7; Leonard Bryan, 1887-8; Hettie Anderson, 1888-9; B. T. Rarke, 1889-90; H. L. Way, 1893-94, 1890-91; Robt. Wright, 1891-2-3-4; A. M. Roberts, 1894-95; E. M. Dyer 1895-96; Chas. Osborn, 1896-7-8: Mrs. A. L. Miller, 1898-9-1900; Carrie Sinclair, 1900-1-2-3-4; Hazel Orr, 1905-06; Esther Asplund, 1907-08; Susie Plummer, 1909-1911; Arthur Gustafson, 1911-12; Ruth Hall, 1913-13; Blaine Anderson, 1913-14.

Miss Ruth Gustafson is teaching her first term at this school this winter, 1914-15.