hall06-14District No. 50, Township 17, Range 10

Board of School Directors
R. E. Fanning, President     Frank Jokisch, Clerk     Roy Jokisch

This school is located three and one-half miles southeast of Virginia and is so called because it stands on ground owned by the late Henry Hall, near the old Hall homestead.

The building is a very old one and must constantly be repaired.

The present set of directors are endeavoring to build the school up and make it an extra good school. The district is large and contains the best black land under the sun. The tax rate is low and there is no reason why this district should not maintain a standard school in every respect.

On the registers we find the following teachers have taught at the school: Misses Elsie McCreary, Louise Savage, Effie Long, Mary Ogle, Nelle Yaple, Alma Ross, Nellie Irvine, Anna E. Brown, Frances Edith Taylor, Mr. Horace Virgin.

Miss Mabel Virgin has been engaged to teach her first school here during 1914-1915.