gurney06-14District No. 56, Township 17, Range 9

Board of School Directors
J. Milton Smith, President     F. C. Wallbaum, Clerk     Omer Pearn

The Gurney School District was formed about the year 1866 from parts of the Harmony, Ashland and other districts.

An old store building was purchased from Richard Walker and moved to a place on the north side of the State Road just opposite the present Gurney Station. This building was used as a school house and was called Old Lancaster. Later it was moved across the road.

The present name was given the school about 1884.

Later a new school site was chosen and the land where the school house now stands was purchased on the terms that it was to be used for school purposes only. The land was bought from John Adkins and J. D Turner.

W. P. Lightfoot, H. W. Doty,  J. H. Baptist, Clara Sinclair, Ada Doty, Arden Cavender, Nellie Britton, Myrtle Norman, Mabel Hiett, Georgia Parkhurst, Verdie Stout and Frances Plummer have taught here. Miss Nellie Irvine is teaching her second year at this school this winter 1914-1915.