germany06-14District No. 20, Township 18, Range 10

Board of School Directors
Gust Anderson, President     H. H. Bierhaus, Clerk     John Doerr

This school is located at the crossroads two and one-half miles north of Virginia. It is one of the best equipped schools in the county and had not a slight mistake been made in ordering the wrong size of one row of seats, it would have been the first school in the county to have been declared a Standard School.

On August 21, 1858 Mr. Gotlieb Nollsch donated one-half acre of land to be used for school and church purposes. Within a short time “The German School” (now Germany) was started. At an early date this building was destroyed by fire. A new building was at once built and during 1893 this was enlarged and in 1909 another addition was made and a vestibule built.

In 1912 the building was given a thorough overhauling and is now in excellent condition. The many square feet of concrete walks and the iron fence give it a good appearance.

Some of the earliest teachers were: Wesley Plummer, Auglin Higginson, John Stevens, John Tate, A. L. Anderson, S. A. Gould, Margaret Reid, Elijah Needham, Martha Suffern, Jessie Wilson and Leonhard Bryan.

Of later years the teachers have been: Jean Reid, Jessie Beadles, Adah Looker, Helon Martin, Martha McDonald, Amelia Miles, Lute Sallee, Grace Freeman, Ella Higginson, Nelle Suffern, William McDonald, Belle Wilkey and Kennethina Nollsch.

Some of the members of the earlier school board were: Edward Sweeney, Thomas Hastie, S. B. Davis, Ockez Quick, Henry Betz, John M. Betz, Christian Duchardt, D. P. Cavendar and John Huschen.

While looking up the title to school property a few years ago it was discovered that the school house was located one-fourth of a mile east of the site given by Gotlieb Nollsch. Mr. Charles DeFraties then owned the land on which the school house was located and it became necessary for the school board to obtain title to this tract, which was done.

The annual feast and picnic at the close of each school year is one of the pleasant features and events of the neighborhood.