Christian County

Rosamond Township – Rosemond Grove Cemetery

The 1905 Illinois Blue Book contains a brief description memorials dedicated to soldiers, citizens of note, or historic sites, listed by county. One such monument is a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the center of Christian County’s Rosemond Grove Cemetery. The link in the paragraph below  furnishes information about the sculpture, but there are at least two other items that are of special interest at Rosemond.

rsmnd1 rsmnd3

Carl Volkmann has done extensive research and written a book devoted to statues of Abraham Lincoln located in Illinois. “Lincoln The Orator”  is an article written by Mr. Volkmann.


The cannon pictured here, and seen above in the photo on the left, was cast in 1860 and purchased by the Republican Club of Rosemond. Later in the year, the small cannon was taken to Springfield during the presidential campaign and fired in front of Lincoln’s home in a salute to the candidate. After Lincoln thanked the men for the honor, he was asked by the captain of the squad to name the little gun. When he declined, the captain asked Lincoln if he had any objection to their naming the cannon after his wife. Lincoln responded with a laugh and said, “Yes, let it go that way.” The “Mary Lincoln” was used in several more campaigns before being retired.


WW II Veteran


Just down the hill from the Lincoln statue is a marker honoring George M. McClung. Mr. McClung made the ultimate sacrifice for his country during the Battle of the Bulge. Click here to read the story behind this unique cenotaph.
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Taylorville – Oak Hill Cemetery

This monument was “Erected to the Memory of the Soldiers Sailors of Christian County” in 1895. The statue stands upon a mound that is flanked by cannons on all sides.

OakHill1 OakHill2

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