brick06-14District No. 13, Township 18, Range 11

Board of School Directors
Geo. H. Carls     A. E. Glenn     C. E. Davis

The surroundings of this school are almost ideal. The spacious playground with its many beautiful trees is indeed a picture worthy of an artist.

The building is located in the valley and immediately to the rear and to the south and east rise the tall bluffs of the Illinois and Sangamon Rivers.

The building is of brick and was built along about the year 1840. It has been remodeled from time to time and is now in excellent repair.

The library is one of the largest in the county. The interest taken by the pupils in the welfare of the school is fine and the school has always borne an excellent reputation as being among the very best.

Among the teachers who have taught here in the past are: Misses Sara Rethorn, Laura Brown, Nettie Peterson, Eva Dickens, Alice Suffern, Carrie Case, Phronia Clark and Augusta Large.

Next winter the school will be presided over by Miss Goldie Leonhard of Bluff Springs who will enter upon her first year of teaching.

brickpupils06-14 Pupils of Brick School.