Box Elder

boxelder06-14District 9, Township 18, Range 10

Board of School Directors
D. H. Briar, President     Oliver E. Reid, Clerk     Edward Oleson

An excellent school situated six miles west of Chandlerville in the Sangamon Bottom close to the river.

Miss Jean Reid will teach her sixth consecutive term here next winter. Under her able guidance and wise counsel the pupils of this school rank among the highest in every respect.

The Box Elder School was organized in 1862 out of the northern part of  Hickory School District and was known at that time as the Seceesh School.

The present site of the school house was given to the district by Mr. Sam Smith, a pioneer resident of the district. In the summer of 1862 he helped build the school house, a frame structure about 22 ft. by 25 ft., and taught the first of school in it the following winter. A Miss Mary E. Smith taught the spring term of 1863.

As there were five families by the name of Briar, patrons of the school, living in the district, the name was changed to Briar School. The fine box elder trees that furnished the abundant shade account for its present name.

The school roster sometimes numbers 40 and sometimes but 10 or 12. In its 52 years of existence it has had almost as many teachers.

Some of the earlier teachers were: James Heaton, A. L. Anderson, S. A. Gould, Emma Walker and Mattie Raybourn.

The later teachers include: Emily Treadway, Sara Chittick, Emma Dyson, Alice Flynn, Nellie Allen, Anna Smith, Josephine Craven, Florence Black, Louise Johnson, Olive Fielder, Adah Looker and Edna Horrom.