Bluff Springs

bluffsprings06-14District No. 17, Township 18, Range 11

Board of School Directors
Homer Decker, President     G. F. Carls, Clerk     J. W. Mathews

The Bluff Springs school is situated one-half mile south of Bluff Springs and is numbered among the progressive and up-to-date schools in the county.

The two rooms are heated by furnaces which not only heat the rooms but also take the impure air from the interior.

The site was donated to the district for school purposes by the Decker family.

A one-room building with seats having no backs was the first seat of learning. This building was replaced by a larger one in 1872. About 1890 a hall was built in front facing the road. In 1905 this hall was removed to make room for a larger hall and a porch with a belfry above. A bell was purchased by the school and put in place. In the same year another room was built extending north from the hall. This year a second teacher was employed and the school work was divided and high school work was put in the course of study. The exterior has changed but little since then.

One has only to visit this school to know that it is a pleasant place for the boys and girls to live and work. A place where any parent would be perfectly satisfied to have his children attend.

A splendid school spirit abounds and one as only to know the people to realize that the community is made up of liberal minded, generous, wide-awake, intelligent men and women.

Old-timers tell us that Charles Wilson taught here in the seventies and that while the school enrollment was about seventy at that time the school room resembled a work shop and the interest taken by the pupils in their school work was intense and has never been excelled.

It was here that County Superintendent, Henry Jacobs first taught the “young to shoot.” This was in 1893-1895.

The teachers of this school include: F. X. Pond, L. D. Springer, W. T. Dyer. Misses Phronia Clark, Kathryn Lebkuecher, Alice Kricke, Isabelle McKinnell, Hilda Hagener, Laura Brown, Mayme Mooreland, Dora Welfare, Bertha Jockisch, Elizabeth Dick, Bessie Trussell and Ursula Chambers.

H. P. Anderson has just completed his fourth successful term at this place.

Miss Lena E. Cline will teach the High School Department next year and Miss Meda Lee will return to teach the Primary Department for her second year.

bluffspringsexam13 Central examination at Bluff Springs, 1913

Craig Vette kindly shared the following photograph and information, which he received from the Cass County Historical and Genealogical Society.


The first two rows (seated) are 1st through 4th graders. They were taught by Clifford Carls, pictured at the left. None of those students were identified.

The back rows (standing) were taught by Lena Bertha Hammer, 5th through 8th grade teacher and school principal. She is pictured on the right. Ms. Hammer (Mrs. Dennison) identified the students later in her life.

Front row of standing students, left to right: unknown, unknown, unknown, Bernice Jokisch, Alma Dotzert, Marjorie Rhunhard/Rhunhart, Phyllis Jokisch, unknown, unknown, Alta Jokisch.

Back row, standing, left to right: unknown, Floyd Vette, Clifford Vette, Ed Leonhard, Paul Dotzert, Floyd Reichert, unknown, Robert Mathews, Roy Reichert, unknown.