Black Oak Grove

blackoakgrove06-14District No. 40, Township 17, Range 12

Board of School Directors
Wm. Dyche, President     Henry Elliott, Clerk     Charles Reining

This school is about seven miles south of Beardstown and is modernly equipped.

The first school in the neighborhood was in 1856 and was a “pay school” with James Black as teacher. A log house one-half mile north of the present site was used for a school building.

In 1860 the school district was formed and a log school house was built across the road from the present site.

The people of the district furnished the logs and built the school house. The district furnished the boards and nails. After several attempts to burn this building, one was successful.

The first teacher was Miss Mary Garlick. Other teachers were: Eliakin Braden, Kitty Durham, James Calhoun, Arvilla Houston and Lille Lemberger.

A frame building was erected in 1872. E. Braden and Jane Buck were the first two teachers. Other teachers were: Tahelda Mann, James Heaton, Marie Miller, Cyrus Newlove, Duncan Reid, Phronia Clark, James Rahn, Lizzie Rahn and Fred Smith.

The teachers of late years were: Geo. Clarke, Misses Frances Pond, Ona Turner, Eva Hager, Kathryn Abney, Nella Widmayer, Mary Milner.

Miss Frances Long will teach her fourth consecutive term here during 1914-1915.

A history of this school would not be complete unless mention was made of the untiring efforts given for the benefit of this district by John Brannan and the late Henry Stock.