babb06-14District No. 58, Township 17, Range 8

Board of School Directors
James Dorsett, President     Henry Votsmier, Clerk     Philip Klein

This school is located one mile north of Ashland and is a brick structure which was erected in 1875.

The school was named in honor of Joseph Babb, a pioneer resident of the district. Before the erection of the school house, school was held at his home.

The district has always been a small one when measured in acres, but the equalized value of the district has been above the average. The country surrounding the school is the best in Illinois.

The enrollment during the first few years numbered twenty-five. Since then it has dwindled, until today it numbers but three, and all these are from one family. The small enrollment and close proximity to the Ashland district are strong arguments in favor of its annexation to the Ashland district, or, at least the sending of the pupils, at the expense of the district, to the Ashland school.

Miss Georgia Chapman is the teacher for 1914-1915.

Among others who have taught here are: John Brown, Anna Plunkett, Cora Britton, Ella Plunkett, Nellie Ward, Margaret Leahy, Jessie Parson, Mabel Newell, Katherine Dailey and Ruth Reynolds.