arenzvillehs06-14District No. 45, Township 17, Range 11

Board of Directors:
G. W. McElroy, President      J. S. Batis, Secretary      Herman Englebach, Member

Teachers: G. M. Burrus, Principal; Roscoe Linder, Assistant Principal; Edith Carmody, Grammar Department; Florence McElroy, Intermediate; Hazel Graham, Primary.

The building illustrated in the 1902 directory was destroyed by fire in 1908; and in 1910 the present building was completed. This new building is thoroughly modern in every respect. It is a seven room structure, constructed of gray pressed brick and is covered with slate, thus making it an imposing structure.

The equipment for chemistry, biology, physics and agriculture compares favorably with the larger city high schools.

Two courses of study are offered as given below. The growing demand for agriculture has compelled us so as to give four years to this study. This course has been modified further so as to include the necessary subjects to pass the State Civil Service Examination in storekeeping, bookkeeping and chief clerkships.

Students who can take full course can take such subject as they wish. Those who wish to take commercial branches may enter at any time.

The Arenzville school has been placed upon the accredited list of high schools of the University of Illinois.