arenz06-14 District No. 16, Township18, Range 11

Board of School Directors
C. E. Parry, President     Gus A. Carls, Clerk     Frank Surratt

This Standard school is not only one of the largest and very best equipped country schools in the county, but it is one of the very best schools in every respect in Illinois. This statement was made by one high in authority in school affairs and who was capable of judging and judging well.

It is located about three and one-half miles east of Beardstown, about one half-mile east of the boulevard road.

The school sentiment of the district is excellent and the directors have all taken a personal delight in endeavoring to make their school an ideal one. In making this statement we must include George E. Franer who retired this year as a director and after serving very faithfully for a number of years as clerk of the school board.

Among those whose names appear as teachers of this school we find the following: Misses Laura Brown, Eva Brown, Margaret Terrill, Louise Bierhaus, Elsie Treadway, Bertha Anderson and Grace Pond.

Miss Norma N. Kloker will teach her fourth successful term in this school the coming year.