Oak Grove Cemetery


Emmons’s property on the east side of Beardstown.

Oak Grove Cemetery is located on land previously owned by Sylvester Emmons, a man who held many public offices in Beardstown, including mayor. He came to the town from Nauvoo, Illinois in 1844. Along with his other positions, Emmons was the editor of the Beardstown Gazette newspaper from 1844-52.

Emmons and his wife, Elizabeth, built an impressive home at the top of a small hill on their property, just outside the city limits. The house was destroyed by fire on November 1, 1875. Arson was suspected. The home was empty at the time of the fire, except for some old furniture, as the family had recently moved to an address inside the city.


The Emmons home,  from an 1874 Cass County atlas.

Several years later, Emmons designated five acres of his property for use as a cemetery and reserved the site where his home once stood for the Emmons family plot.

After Mr. Emmons died in 1881, his wife made the rest of their farm available for Oak Grove Cemetery. Sylvester and Elizabeth Emmons are interred at the top of the hill along with several of their children.

A short bio of Sylvester Emmons.


This view of the hill is to the west, toward Beardstown. The entrance to the cemetery is from the right (north). The Emmons plot is marked by the obelisk at the top of the hill, visible next to the tree in the middle of the photo.