62Above photos: East 4th Street

East 4th Street addresses in the area, 1926: 610-T. A. Rhoades, confectioner; 611-Frank Birnbaum, meats; 612-Mrs. Alice Thomas, restaurant; 614-J. J. Cardwell, billiards; 615-Henderson Hotel, William and Clara Henderson; 616-F. M. Thomas, barber; 618-B. E. Ruile, soft drinks; 619-Wm. Benson, drugs; 620-C. B. & Q. Passenger Station and General Offices; 621-Kroger Grocery and Baking Co.; 623-C. B. & Q. Restaurant; 700-Mrs. Nellie Phelps, restaurant; 704-C. B. & Q Railroad Freight Depot; 707 A. M. Fowler; 710-Glenn Ice and Fuel Co.; 715 W. H. Fiedler.


West on 2nd Street.

On the north side of the street: 100 block – T. J. Schweer, M. D., Von Hall’s Bakery, Elks Club, Rexall Drug Store, Beardstown State Bank. 200 Block – M. R. Shoemaker, photographer, Park Hotel Garage.


Looking north on Jefferson, toward 3rd Street.

E. R. Murray’s battery service is seen on the right, at 311 Jefferson Street.