1915 Underclassmen


1915JuniorsOn the first day of school in September, 1912, about fifty-three pupils were received into the High School as “Freshies.” This was the class of 1916. When the half-year class entered High School that January, our class joined with them. After making some changes in class officers and colors, the officers for the combined classes were: Ernest Schmoldt, president; Christie Lowe, vice-president; Paralee McClure, secretary and treasurer. Our class colors being purple and gold. We quickly assumed our new duties, taking part in the school activities.

The second year we were a stronger class. There was ability and enthusiasm shown in athletic events. Parts were taken by some of our members in the programs, the mock trial, the debating and glee clubs. The class gave the play “The Captain of Plymouth.” In the Declam second and third places were won by two members of the class of ’16.

This, our third year, we furnished some strong players for the foot ball team and we think we have some good athletes coming out for track. We have been well represented in the literary events. Members of ‘16 have been officers for the Russellonian Society and a Washington program was given by our class. However, we expect to do more before the year is over by presenting the Junior-Senior reception and the Junior play.

Some members of ’16 have dropped from the list and new ones have taken their places, but we are a strong class for B. H. S.



1915SophClassThe class of ’17 entered High School in the fall of 1913 with the motto, “Upward we climb, though the rocks be rugged,” and with the class colors, red, white, and blue. Paul Smith, president; Wendell Clark, vice-president and Nan Hunt, secretary and treasurer, were the officers elected.

The class took no individual part in social or library circles in the first year. Our athletic activities were confined to a track meet with the class of ’16 who won by a small margin of five points.

In this, our Sophomore year, we have begun to make ourselves noted. We had for our representative on the football team of ’14 Wendell Clark, who played the position at end and won a “B.”

Also of the three contestants in the Declamatory Contest this year, two were Sophomores. Bessie Martin won first place and will represent the High School at Jacksonville. Mary Ryan, the other candidate, made a good showing and only lost by a few points for second place.

However, the most splendid accomplishments of our Sophomore year was our class play, entitled “Lost, a Chaperone.” We presented this comedy in three acts in the Assembly Hall of the High School, Friday, March 5th. The cast was comprised of nine girls and six boys. It was accorded an enthusiastic applause and acknowledged to be one of the most successful plays ever given in the High School by a Sophomore Class.



1915FreshClassThe class was organized May 16, 1914, at the Central Building with Mr. Walter Buck as temporary chairman. At this meeting the following officers were elected: Ronald Kinney, president; Lester Kennedy, vice-president; and Fledah Emerick, secretary-treasurer.

The class started in High School with a roll of fifty-four. This class, like all other Freshmen classes was inclined to be a very restless and unruly set, but as time passed they became more accustomed to the ways of the older classes and at the present time most of the Freshmen have settled down to work, that is with the exception of a few who are still acting as “Freshies.”

In December the President moved away and Maurice Cone was elected to take his place.

In November our class went on a hike to Bluff Springs where they enjoyed roasting wieners and roaming over the hills. The class by this time have become well acquainted with all the teachers. When the Physiology teacher bade farewell to her classes and left for her home in Chicago, Miss Klea Cozzens took her place.

A number of the class have taken part in programs and they have also a few boys in the foot ball team at the present time.

(A Freshman)


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