145 Years Ago

Fall of a Foundry

Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.

BEARDSTOWN, Ill., May 12 – About 40 feet of the north end of the City Foundry, belonging to John Fidler, fell in at 3 o’clock this afternoon, caused by the foundation giving away. Loss about $500. Several persons, employed in the foundry at the time, narrowly escaped.

Chicago Tribune – May 13, 1874 – page 5

The fine Leonard residence at Beardstowns (sic) was sold at auction for $5,500. Abner Foster was the purchaser.

The Woodstock Sentinel – May 21, 1874 – page 2.


140 Years Ago

A daytime fire destroyed the Briggs House hotel, C. B. & Q. Depot, and Hagener Bros. lumber yard on May 22nd. Burning embers were carried almost a mile by strong southeast winds. The fire fighting efforts of men, women, and children, as well as many farmers, who were in town on business, prevented much greater losses. No lives were lost in the blaze.

Information from the May 29, 1879 edition of The Central Illinoian.

110 Years Ago

Mr. Henry F. Kors, of Independence, Kansas, received the most recent edition of the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society from Dr. J. F. Snyder, in May of 1909. The journal included an article by Dr. Snyder about artificial mounds created by Native Americans, which included sketches and information supplied by Mr. Kors.

A former Circuit Clerk of Cass County, Mr. Kors’s youth was spent in Beardstown. His recollection and drawings of the mounds which existed in early Beardstown are the source of much of the information which exists about them.

Information from page 3 of the May 26, 1909 edition of the South Kansas Tribune and other sources.

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